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The Beyond Team.

This is our team. We are excited to be here to help you grow in your game.

We are all enthusiasts of this amazing sport and come from all walks of life, ranging from physician, firmware developer, engineer, photographer, to first grader. 

Vino Raj is our main paddle expert. He is a physician with a medical research background. He is an offical USAPA Ambassador for the Southern MN region. 

Vino Raj & Family

Vino Raj 

Co-Founder, Tournament Director , Communication Director, and Pickleball Instructor.

Clinical researcher/physician by day and night and father/pickleball enthusiast the rest of the time! 

Vino has always loved racket/bat sports. Growing up in Sri Lanka, cricket was his main sport during his childhood, but he also has a background of tennis and ping-pong. 

In 2019 he was introduced to the sport pickleball but after the "re-opening" after the pandemic he hasn't looked back! 

He has devoted himself to improve his game but also the game of others and to help spread this game that builds bridges throughout generations, backgrounds, and cultures. 

Now PCI Certified and a USAPA Ambassador for Southern Minnesota region he strives to help the surrounding community engage in pickleball throughout the year and is helping to bring it into schools for the younger generation. 

To Pickleball And Beyond was birthed from his heart for helping others find the best gear at affordable prices, to help players find info on gear, the game, and more. 

Ryan Sweeney

Ryan Sweeney 

Head of Sales, Pickleball Instructor. 

I remember working as a firmware developer intern in Eden Prairie, MN, in the Summer of 2021. Although the coding experience was a delight, the highlight of my time was being introduced to pickleball by a fellow coworker!

Outside my job as a firmware developer, pickleball is my life. I love being able to teach lessons, and help people find the right gear for them and their game. It is such a joy to watch people play and find that perfect fit. 

I often look back at how I ended up playing pickleball, and I am so thankful that all of the stars aligned to begin my pickleball journey. It became my favorite sport, and I am excited to continue my journey by supporting To Pickleball & Beyond!

Stephanie Raj

Stephanie Raj 

Co-Founder, Social Media Manager, and Content Creator.

I remember the day Vino suggested to start playing pickleball. I was nervous and pretty much had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be any part of it. Racket sports and me, we don’t go along, or we didn’t use to.


I was terrible- to say the least. I was lucky to be one of those who actually got it over the net. Yet, being the supportive husband that he is, I was soon at our local Scheels buying my first official Pickleball paddle with the promise to devote myself to the game.


Well, fast forward a few months and you will now find me on the courts 6 + hours a week working on drills and playing games. 3 medals now hang on our wall from pickleball tournaments, I know the names of pros, I know the meaning of 3rd shot drop, spin, banger, and split step. Jeez- who is this woman?!


It was a love hate relationship to start off with for sure. I have had terrible eye sight since I was eight years old so my depth perception is wonky at best-but I never let it stop my love for this sport that I am determined to grow more in.

The Pickleball Kids
The Pickleball Kids

The Pickleball Kids

Leanika (7), Sachvin (5), Sonya (18 months)

Leanika, Sachvin, and Sonya are our pickleball kids. They have spent countless hours on the courts, just like mom and dad.


Leanika already knows the term backhand, forehand and practices at home on the wall or with dad in the living room whenever she can. Her goal is to participate in a tournament when she’s 8 with dad. She also wants to start organizing Pickleball Kids events and hosting kid tournaments!


Sachvin still trying to master his coordination (definitely gets the incoordination from mom) prefers to pretend his pickleball paddle is a cricket bat.


Sonya, well, her DUPR score is near a 4.0 player and is usually first pick for any doubles game ;) She is little but mighty and will run to dance on the courts whenever she’s set free from her captivity (the stroller). She has her own paddle and knows how to roll the ball off of it, only to quickly clap and shout excitedly at her major accomplishment!

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