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🎉 A Grand Slam Thank You from the Heart of RPC 2023! 🎉

Dear RPC2023 Participants, Wow, just WOW! Our paddles are still vibrating from the electrifying energy you brought to the courts at the inaugural Rochester Pickleball Classic 2023! We can’t help but serve up a massive THANK YOU to each and every participant and guest who rallied up to make this event a phenomenal success. Your enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and the sheer joy of pickleball resonated through every serve, volley, and dink, creating a memory that will echo in our hearts for years to come. We are over the moon to have witnessed the camaraderie, the friendly competition, and the pickleball love that flowed through the courts. You didn’t just show up; you brought your A-game, and for that, we are immensely grateful. The laughter, cheers, and even the playful disputes over line calls (you know who you are!) brought a flavor to RPC 2023 that was nothing short of legendary. Now, let's volley into some hearty shoutouts and highlights: MVP Stars of the Court:

  • Women’s MVP: Christin Heiden

  • Men’s MVP: Jason Benrud

Let’s not forget the player of the night, the dynamite Volly Johnson! A 14-year-old phenom whose quick hand, strategy and composure left us in awe. Watching her on the courts was like peeking into the bright future of pickleball. Rest of Winners of RPC2023, soon to be posted on online social media channels. Thanks again to Hudef Paddle for sponsoring the fabulous prizes for our MVPs! Raffle Royalty:

  • ActivePT Winner: Marty Halle

  • Food Labs Winner: Marty Halle (Marty, is your middle name 'Lucky'?)

  • C&Y Winner: Adam Sternke

  • Grand Prize Winner: Jesse Young

If you haven’t received your prizes yet ( during yesterday's closing ceremony), we’ll be dinking around your inbox soon to arrange the pick-up! Sponsor Love: Big paddle taps to our premium sponsor, Rochester Area Pickleball Association (RAPA), for their unwavering support and dedication to growing the sport in our area. Shoutout to Pine Island Pickleball, Byron Pickleball, and Stewartville Pickleball - small groups with big hearts and growing fast! Huge thanks to ISG, Metronet, Winona State University, Rochester Sports, Altra Credit Union, Jigsaw Health, and our local champions C&Y Cleaning and Food Labs (Seriously, if you haven’t tried Food Labs yet, you’re missing out on a taste bud party!) Shoutout to Experience Rochester for making this event a reality! Generous Giveaway Gurus: Hudef Paddle and Rich Cat Supply, you guys were pillars of support behind the curtain, pulling out some fantastic paddle giveaways and bags that were nothing short of magic. I might have started using our demo bag since I like it so much, but shhh, don’t tell Ryan my CFO of Topickleballandbeyond! Volunteer Valor: Heartfelt thanks to Jenny Kollasch, who despite her injury, was there on crutches, Boyd Loyd, Laura Lee, Doug Strandell for their last-minute help, and Kelli Williams for spontaneous help. And to all those impromptu ball pickers, you were the unseen wind beneath our pickleballs! Let's not forget the tireless InsideOut / TPB&B crew ( Blake Held, Jackson Pelzer, Dan Taylor & Ryan Sweeney) who were up till 1:30am on Friday taping courts, ensuring every boundary was perfect for the battles to come. Your dedication painted the lines of success for RPC 2023! Picture Perfect: As you reminisce and share your RPC 2023 memories online, don’t forget to tag our organizers and sponsors. Your posts are the cherries on top of their support sundae!#topickleballandbeyond #insideoutpickleball #hudef #richcatsupply #RPC2023

Media Mentions:

A huge shoutout to KIMT and KTTC for spotlighting the Rochester Pickleball Classic 2023. Your coverage amplified the buzz, bringing the pickleball fever to screens far and wide! Your presence on the court and the spotlight on our event helped share the pickleball joy with the broader community, making the event resonate beyond the court lines. We're thrilled to have had you narrate the story of this inaugural classic through your lenses! Mayoral Magnificence: A thunderous shoutout to Mayor Kim Norton for gracing our opening ceremony. Her presence was the cherry on top of what was an awesome start to growing and expanding the sport in Rochester. As a promoter of healthy habits and pickleball, witnessing her continuous efforts is an inspiration to us all! Attendee Acknowledgment: The Rochester Pickleball Classic saw a phenomenal turnout of 197 participants and close to 350 attendees from places as far as Blaine MN, Winona MN, and Owatonna MN. Your journey to join us is a true testament to the growing love for pickleball! Let's keep the pickleball love rolling, share your memories, tag the stars behind the scenes, and let’s continue to grow this magnificent community together. We’re already dreaming about the next RPC, and with the magic you all brought, the sky's the limit! With every dink of gratitude and a net’s worth of excitement for the rallies to come, RPC 2023 Organizing Team On behalf of the ToPickleballAndBeyond and Inside Out Pickleball Teams,

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