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An Update from The TPBAB Team

Hi Pickleball Friends,

It is Stephanie here with a short TPBAB Team Update. First- a sincere apology for the silence on our platforms. Our team has been dealing with a lot of sickness, injuries, and travel.

November is here though and we are back at it! We have to give a huge thank you to all of you, our followers / subscribers and friends and family who have supported us in this journey! Also a huge shout out to companies like, Hudef Sport Rich Cat Supply Gaba Pickleball for their support in our passion of this sport (there are many more)

With that said I have to give a huge proud shoutout to these two guys Vino Shelumiel Raj and Ryan Sweeney. Their hard work and determination in sharing their love for pickleball is truly admirable. It takes a lot of time and effort to teach others a new sport, organize tournaments, review paddles but they have done it with such dedication and enthusiasm.

Thanks to their efforts, more and more people in the community are discovering the joys of pickleball. They are the embodiment of "Success in pickleball requires determination and hard work." Which makes me proud to be part of this TPBAB Team!

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