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The Beyond Story

Get to Know Us

We are so excited you have joined us here! 


To Pickleball And Beyond started in our living room in the small community of Pine Island, MN. The kind of community that warms your heart but if you blink while driving you will miss it. 


In the summer of 2022 we reached out to our local community to find some people interested in playing some pickleball, we found 4.Within 3 months we have over 100 people and within 6 months we had over 200! That is how our PIIPA (Pine Island Pickleball Association) was born. 


As the group grew and we began to teach classes, we realized the importance of finding the right gear for one's game. We singlehandedly saw how helping our members find the correct paddle had changed their game and given them confidence like never before- and there is no greater joy than that to see someone grow and enjoy the sport of pickleball. 


So, we started To Pickleball And Beyond, to help pickleball players find the best gear for their game at the best price. 


We are all enthusiasts of this amazing sport and come from all walks of life, ranging from physician, engineer, photographer, to first grader. 


Vino Raj is our main paddle expert. He is a physician with a medical research background. In 2022 he was assigned as an offical USAPA Ambassador for the Southern MN region. 

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