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Our Venture to Pickleball 

Our heart at the mission of pickleball and beyond is to capture the very 360 degree essence of the pickleball universe (especially paddles, gear, and accessories). We do understand every time someone representing a paddle has to always spin a positive aura around that which they are selling (and rightfully so) So our goal was to create a space and environment where the everyday person using get to share their thoughts on the pickleball gear that they love and use, capturing the behind the scene stories of this enticing pickleball universe. 

The stories of this pickleball universe is not just limited  to those that are using the pickleball paddles and gear but also to the journey of those pioneers that have ventured out to deliver such paddles and accessories to this growing market aka pickleball universe. We want to be able to share their stories, their wins, their challenges, their struggles, and the laughs and smiles. 

In addition we also wanted to represent a true and comprehensive review of the paddles where we facilitate panel reviews for pickleball gear as well. For clarity we have outlined the matrix (coming soon) used to review and grade pickleball paddles below:

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