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Demo Events

What happens at a Demo Event?

A demo night is a fun event where we bring over 50 demo paddles for players of all levels to try. We have paddles for juniors, beginners, mid level and advanced level players! Our experts work with you to help you get "fitted" to the right paddle that will enhance your pickleball journey. You will be able to try the paddles through games, drills and one on one time with our coaches.

Paddle Customization

At the demo events we will also provide you with the opportunity to customize your paddle to your liking. We can help balance by adding weights. We also offer you the chance to customize your paddles with custom grips and wraps. 

Where do the demos come from?

We are honored to have built relationships and communications with multiple pickleball companies who share our passion to help spread the game of pickleball across Minnesota. They have worked with us to help bring these demos to ours/your courts for you to try. The other paddles are ones that we have invested in buying; keeping a collection of demo paddles so that people trying don't have to rent paddles and can benefit from our investment into a paddle collection. 

Want to learn more about the paddles we have?

Diadem Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Diadem
Holbrook Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Holbrook
Just Paddles Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Just Paddles Paddles
Ace Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Ace
Vulcan Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Vulcan
PBPro Pickleball: TPB&B Demos PBPro
PCKL Pickleball: TPB&B Demos PCKL
Legacy Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Legacy
Baddle Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Baddle
Volair Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Volair
Nemesis Pickleball: TPB&B Demos Nemesis
Stephanie and her husband helped me pick out a new paddle. They have a great variety and types and probably brands that are hard to find. Not only did I get to play with different styles, but they insisted. I left the session with a new paddle that I was incredibly happy with. I highly recommend them.

Boyd Lord, MN

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